Event Organizers

Exhibition and conference organizers are at the heart of the events industry. jwc’s expertise and offerings for organizers are diverse, reflecting the vast spectrum of business models, industries and geographic idiosyncrasies.

Our advisory services cover the areas of strategy, marketing, pricing, business intelligence, M&A and commercial due dilligence. Our projects provide value to organizers by focusing on the entire company, a portfolio of events or the details of a single event (no show/conference is the same). At a different level our project can support a certain function or feature that needs to be improved across multiple events run by the organizer.

While some engagements involve some preparation work on both sides and then hold a quick workshop to focus on a specific point or opportunity, other projects can last several months, or even an entire booking cycle of a show (12 to 18 months).

It is no secret to industry insiders that jwc is the global leader in all matters relating to pricing of trade fair and conference services. In addition, we support organizers in various strategic topics such as digital offerings, organizational and people development, brand value measurement, and many more.