Venue Owners & Venue Managers

jwc works with venue owners and venue managers on a wide range of engagements:

In an increasingly competitive environment, the quality of a venue is gaining more and more importance. Nevertheless there are many venues which do not meet international standards.  We help our clients by providing concise or extensive venue assessments covering all relevant areas of safety, service quality and efficiency of a venue including reviews of the operating and management model as well as the compliance of processes and procedures with international standards.

For the development of a new venue and the extension or upgrading of existing facilities we conduct feasibility studies, develop the master plan and support the architect team during the construction phase through to the pre-launch phase and the official opening of the venue.
During this work we typically focus on general and specific layout aspects, visitor guidance, exhibitor logistics, room programs and functional specifications of the different parts of the facility. Our work is strongly based on the philosophy that form follows function and usually results in significant savings in investment and operating costs; it also leads to higher satisfaction ratings of guest organizers, exhibitors and visitors. After the functionality of the venue has been ensured, we will also support the architect in developing a unique and modern venue design.

Last but not least we support venue owners and managers in all strategic and marketing questions, including pricing of venues and venue services. This work often is centered on the question, whether a venue should also organize own shows or how a wall-bound event can continue to grow.