Commercial Due Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions are part of everyday life in the trade fair business nowadays. But acquisitions are risky. Many fail to meet expectations because they might increase sales but
fail to create synergies. They contribute to size but not necessarily to quality. Ensuring strategic fit with the target is of key importance to successful mergers.

Evaluating these transactions is a demanding task that not only needs the insights of industry experts, but also a relationship that is based on trust in order to confidentially act on the results. jwc offers actionable insights you can trust and will provide you with an understanding of how the target is positioned in the commercial environment.

Typically, our reports contain:

• Assessment of the sustainability of the target’s business model
• Detailed analysis of market environment and its drivers
• Analysis of competitive environment
• Analysis of relationship with clients and major stakeholders
• Insights into regulatory environment

Just like with all our other projects, we focus on delivering highest quality and value to our clients in form of actionable insights. A prerequisite for that is an understanding of what the client needs and wants, thus industry expertise is essential. We conduct in-depth expert interviews, rigorous industry analysis and will challenge management plans and assumptions. This leaves you with a better understanding of your target, reduced risk for your acquisition and more bargaining power for negotiations.