People & Organization

In the exhibition business, an event is a moment in time created by people working for an organizer and a venue. Here more than in many other businesses, these people are the most essential and sustainable competitive edge.

Most organizations and leaders recognize the importance of their employees and have the right intentions; but how does that translate into meaningful action plans? Industry leaders we talk to do not shy away from telling us that it is difficult for them to clearly define what “people and organization” means to them and how they can step up their performance in this area. They admit that all too often, they too fall into the trap of casually passing human resources over and focusing on doing “other important things”.

If you pause for a moment and try to think back how much time you’ve spent in the last 12 months working towards this goal: setting up your company to systemically be better at attracting and retaining talent, and while you do that, working with key individuals (the great people already in your organization) to ensure that the highest possible number of them are doing the jobs that are best for them – which is then in-turn good for the whole organization.

jwc has a few project types available which we have worked on with companies in the trade fair business focusing on people and their organization. They range from very simple, hands-on job definitions review, looking at existing roles and responsibilities. In other, larger-scope projects we have worked with our clients on a major, multi-year journey to become more professional, to define and execute future hiring strategies, annual review, and top-performance retention programs.