Venue Planning

The venues in which fairs and conventions take place are among the most important factors through which face-to-face media can compete with other marking channels.

If the venues available on the market cannot meet the rising market demands in terms of quantity, quality, and location, then over time the industry will lose in importance. The prominent position as a marketing medium can and will erode much quicker than many imagine.

For jwc, planning started as a venue-focused line of business. It was clear from the start that there is a need in the market to support venue owners and managers to answer critical strategic questions: how much more hall space is needed, what type of space (indoor, outdoor, high ceilings), when that space should go “on-line”, what quality of space is needed, and where should it be located (city center vs. peripheral areas near current or future airport).

Today, this remains a very important pillar of the work we do. Planning support has been extended to show organizers. Especially for event organizers managing 10s or sometimes 100s of shows a year, a robust planning cycle can help management review and identify trouble spots early, on the events that require more detailed planning and attention.

Based on your needs, our projects in the venue business can include the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Master planning & venue assesment
  • Room and function programs
  • Detailed planning
  • Overview construction
  • Preparation of and support during start up phase